What I’m Reading: 8/21/2013

These are highlights of what I read (and watched and listened to) this past week:

An End Of Books | Seth Godin
“Yes, we’re entering a new golden age for books, one with more books and ebooks being written and read today than ever before. No, books won’t be completely eliminated, just as vinyl records are still around (a new vinyl store is opening in my little town). But please don’t hold your breath for any element of the treasured ecosystem to return in force.”

America Can’t Afford Wall Street’s Terrible Investment Advice | TIME.com
“Assume that you are an employee with 35 years until retirement and a current 401(k) account balance of $25,000. If returns on investments in your account over the next 35 years average 7 percent and fees and expenses reduce your average returns by 0.5 percent, your account balance will grow to $227,000 at retirement, even if there are no further contributions to your account. If fees and expenses are 1.5 percent, however, your account balance will grow to only $163,000. The 1 percent difference in fees and expenses would reduce your account balance at retirement by 28 percent.”

34 Insights From Nassim Taleb | Farnam Street Blog
“There is no more unmistakable sign of failure than that of a middle-aged man boasting of his successes in college.”
“The ultimate freedom lies in not having to explain “why” you did something.”

Lake Bell on directing In A World…, a film about getting heard above the sound of men talking / The Dissolve
“…my agent said, “Why don’t you fucking direct it?” basically. [Laughs.] “You clearly want to.” And I told him I didn’t have the audacity to do that—I wouldn’t direct a full-length feature without having been in that position ever before. And so he said, “Well, why don’t you make a short film?” And I did. Within the week, I had written “Worst Enemy,” and then had it made within the month. I self-financed it and wrote it for Michaela Watkins to star in, who is in my movie as well. And not only did it offer a calling card with the grand validation that it is to be accepted in competition at Sundance, it also was just a confidence-builder. It was a validation, emotionally, that standing on a set in the directorial position felt really at home to me, and I felt comfortable and happy there. And that was the biggest lesson, I think, of all. And then I felt comfortable to take on In A World…”

Olivia Wilde’s Advice for Turning 30: Entertainment | glamour.com
“Saturn has now orbited the sun once since you’ve been alive; make this next go-round whatever you want it to be. Consider your baggage (bad boyfriends, job setbacks, body issues) lost by the airline of life, leaving you empty-handed at your new destination with only one choice: Go shopping.
That’s it. Now go—be awesome.

Photos Credit: ra kojić

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