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About Ming

Hey dudes, my name is Christopher Ming. I’m 27 and I live in Los Angeles, CA.


Over the last few years, I’ve worked in Hollywood learning different angles of the entertainment business: casting, production, literary management (and: intern, bartender, and waiter). Today, I work for author and screenwriter Dennis Lehane whose books include SHUTTER ISLAND, MYSTIC RIVER, and GONE BABY GONE.

Besides working for Dennis, I started a blog in 2013 called Fighting Broke, where I show young people in Hollywood how to build their entertainment careers from scratch by creating immense value with bulletproof habits + deep research.

I believe in showing people how to take control over their personal development and careers with stories of using self-development to create value for others…

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Everyday, we’re granted better and better access to brilliant minds who’ve struggled past greater adversity than us. They explore ideas from time management to starting a new business to the importance of understanding physics. I think it’s a waste not to apply it to our own lives, and I curate that application here.

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