Cork, Ireland

What Nonresidents Should Know About Buying Your First Home in Ireland

  Note: We didn’t end up buying this property, but we learned a lot in a short time. I wanted to keep a record of lessons learned, as buying a house in Ireland is still something I’d like to do in the future. My in-laws have a family home they’re looking to sell, in Cork, Ireland. It’s a 3 bed, 1 bath in Douglas, Co Cork, minutes away from University of Cork College. It’s a rental home that brings in €1,200 per month. They wanted to sell for €250,000.
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What I Learned After 7 Years Of Working For Free

  “Can you endorse some of my skills on LinkedIn?” my friend texted me. “I’d be happy to do the same for you. Just let me know.” LinkedIn endorsements? I wondered. Do people look at those? A couple weeks later, I met this friend over breakfast, and he explained, “I’m having a hard time landing full-time work, so I’m trying to boost my LinkedIn profile.”
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How I Taught Myself to Bartend

  I saved the empty liquor bottles and filled them with water. When the restaurant was quiet (we opened winter of ’08), the start of the Recession — it was quiet often) I took the rail liquors out. Placed them on the ground. Replaced them with the dummy bottles. Then I practiced making cocktails. Over and over again. For hours, six days a week. That first week, I only made 4 cocktails, our most popular ones (Raspberry Saketini (it was a Japanese restaurant), Dirty Martini (for Tom, that’s all he drank), Cosmo, Mai Tai). I learned with the jigger pour
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Cool Things You Should Do in Mexico City

A few months ago, my wife and I took our first proper holiday together in over 5 years. It was the first time going away for longer than a weekend that it was just us (no other family members). We went to Mexico City, then Puerto Vallarta. Two days after we left, the earthquakes hit Mexico City. International tourism is a $13.3b industry in Mexico. I hope sharing these recommendations encourages people to continue traveling to Mexico City and discovering what an amazing city it is. Here’s what we did in Mexico City and my recommendations. Where To Stay in
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Ed Latimore’s Secret to a Happy Life

  My friend Susan introduced me to an interview with Ed Latimore on the Farnam Street’s Knowledge podcast. I finished listening to it while biking down 31st street in Astoria. I got off my bike, started the podcast over, and immediately listened to it again. Ed Latimore is a professional boxer with a 13-1-1 record, a chess player, author, and self-improvement blogger. His two books are The Four Confidences and Not Caring About What Other People Think is a Superpower. He dropped a lot of knowledge in this hour-long interview, but four of his principles really stuck with me, and
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How to Transform Your Body

  It’s hard to believe Conor McGregor’s physical transformation. The first picture is after winning the Cage Warriors Lightweight title in 2012. He’s 23 years old. Been boxing since 12, training MMA since 17. His body is already the product of more physical training than most people put in in a lifetime. The second picture is before fighting and winning the UFC Lightweight title. McGregor is the same weight in both pictures, around 155 pounds, but obviously he’s put on muscle. He looks more dominating. In short, he looks even more powerful. What if I told you this transformation cost
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Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

Your Visit to Val-Kill, the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

  Today, I took a day trip to the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, the Val-Kill Cottage near Poughkeepsie, NY. Eleanor Roosevelt said about the Val-Kill cottage: “[This] is where I used to find myself and grow. At Val-Kill I emerged as an individual.” Here’s a quick video I shot and cut of the trip: I went to Val-Kill knowing nothing about Eleanor Roosevelt. As I drove home, winding around the Taconic Parkway, I couldn’t stop thinking about her prolific body of work. Eleanor Roosevelt was a global media company of one, and in a class of her own. She
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mad men

Learning the Language of Growth

  I just finished my second week at Reforge and if I had to sum up the week, it’s this: I’m learning a new language — and it’s hard. Reforge teaches growth professionals how to advance their skills in growth through online education, networking and mentorship. The students are 3 years into their career at companies like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, etc. aka some damn smart people. And after 5 minutes of talking with them, I realize I don’t have the vocabulary (yet) to talk through the ideas and concepts I’ll eventually teach, things like growth models, churn, and viral
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silicon valley image

2 Things About SF Tech Culture

  Last week I learned some interesting things about SF tech culture. For example: Investing in cryptocurrencies is a thing People invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars in “coffee set-ups” — home coffee brewing equipment to make their own personal perfect cup of coffee Everyone loves wearing Patagonia But the biggest mental shifts I’ve had to make is about money. Here are 2 ideas about money I’m trying to hold simultaneously in my mind:
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