How I Taught Myself to Bartend

  I saved the empty liquor bottles and filled them with water. When the restaurant was quiet (we opened winter of ’08), the start of the Recession — it was quiet often) I took the rail liquors out. Placed them on the ground. Replaced them with the dummy bottles. Then I practiced making cocktails. Over and over again. For hours, six days a week. That first week, I only made 4 cocktails, our most popular ones (Raspberry Saketini (it was a Japanese restaurant), Dirty Martini (for Tom, that’s all he drank), Cosmo, Mai Tai). I learned with the jigger pour
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mad men

Learning the Language of Growth

  I just finished my second week at Reforge and if I had to sum up the week, it’s this: I’m learning a new language — and it’s hard. Reforge teaches growth professionals how to advance their skills in growth through online education, networking and mentorship. The students are 3 years into their career at companies like Facebook, Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, etc. aka some damn smart people. And after 5 minutes of talking with them, I realize I don’t have the vocabulary (yet) to talk through the ideas and concepts I’ll eventually teach, things like growth models, churn, and viral
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2 Things About SF Tech Culture

  Last week I learned some interesting things about SF tech culture. For example: Investing in cryptocurrencies is a thing People invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars in “coffee set-ups” — home coffee brewing equipment to make their own personal perfect cup of coffee Everyone loves wearing Patagonia But the biggest mental shifts I’ve had to make is about money. Here are 2 ideas about money I’m trying to hold simultaneously in my mind:
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I Will Teach Team Pic

Thank you, I Will Teach You to be Rich

  5 years ago, I was waiting tables at a Thai restaurant (thanks for the reminder, Facebook). To be honest, it was a low-point: I lost 20lbs on my diet of peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and wonton soup for dinner. I made $35 in tips during my shifts. Everything in my life felt like… you remember that B-movie with Matthew Mcconaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, Failure to Launch? Basically, that. In an act of desperation and tapping into my savings, I bought an online course from this blogger named Ramit Sethi. It was called Find Your Dream Job, and
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