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My Brutally Honest StashWealth Review

  When I was 14, I started packing take-out orders at a Chinese restaurant. I’d stand in the oppressive kitchen in poorly fitted dress shirt from TJ Maxx for 7 hours and box ubiquitous white boxes of Chinese food. I’d put an X on the check, then sort and drop different sized boxes into a brown paper bag, like Tetris. When I got home, I’d take my pay — $20 — and stuff it into a brown wallet, tucked in my sock drawer. I asked my parents what I should do with my money. “Save it,” they said. Months later,
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The Millennial’s Guide To Doing Your Taxes

  When I worked in literary management, our writer clients would call me looking for tax advice. “What can I write off as an expense?” and “Can I write off my rent if I work from home?” I loved most of the clients. These were amazing people, who cracked the code on getting paid to write books. Unfortunately, in most cases, their personal finance acumen was inversely proportional to their writing talent — the most talented were the most financially illiterate. I think they assumed that because I was a millennial, I’d know more about this “TurboTax” thing. But back
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