Project Burn

Project Burn

We wanted to create a holistic fitness program that fit into a “normal” life. One where students could see results even if they ordered dessert once in awhile, didn’t cook kale or other superfoods, and never heard of a burpee.

We believed we could teach students how to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that didn’t lead to yo-yo dieting. Here are a few of the results:

Meet A., who can finally wear the clothes she wants

A Transformation Front

Before she joined the program, A. tried both a Kettlebell program and Crossfit. She only saw mediocre results with the Kettlebell classes. Meanwhile, Crossfit felt “cultish” and she was afraid of hurting herself with the complex movements they taught. She decided it wasn’t right for her.

As she tried figuring out fitness, her health continued getting worse. She felt lethargic, with a lack of desire to get off the couch and “do something.” By the afternoon, she’d be exhausted.

Also, her clothes were getting tight, and the clothes she had to buy didn’t reflect the person on the inside. She was worried: Do my colleagues notice how my clothes look? Do people judge me in the office? Is my boyfriend judging me?

“I just wanted to look in the mirror and be happy, instead of focusing on the extra fat here and there.”

Here are the results A. saw after joining the program: A Transformation Side

  • Weight: 200lbs to 160lbs
  • Bodyfat: 36% to 19%
  • Size: 16 to Size 8

I realized that almost all of my more formal/business clothing was too big. Like kind of comically too big.  So I ended up going to the mall this weekend, and I bought clothes in sizes I’ve never even tried on before.  Size 8 pants and a size small dress (as well as mediums and a size 10 blazer).

“When I started all this, size 16 was getting too tight on me, and I never thought I would see single digit clothing sizes. Never!!! That was always a pie-in-the-sky goal for me.

“I know there’s still some more work to be done, but I’m trying to get it through my head that I am actually this size now!

“Before, exercise was a fun hobby that was a bonus. Now it’s a foundation for the rest of my day. It’s like meditation. You can just focus on doing the work. You get through the burn and turn off your brain for a while, and it’s more about centering.”

Meet L., who lost more than 35 pounds

L Transformation

When we first met L., he shared his deeply ingrained beliefs about food:

“Food is something that comforts me and is also something that brings me together with friends. When I’m stressed or tired, there’s nothing like eating a 3-piece Popeyes fried chicken meal, the high after eating so much is really good.”

L Train 1

“Just Friday of last week, I was meeting friends to eat at the KEG, and we were talking, laughing, and having a good time together.The steak was so good and the company was even better. Come to think of it, whenever I’m socializing with friends, it’s always over food or alcohol.

“Growing up with my parents, especially my Dad, they would say, “never waste any food”. If you look at my younger pictures, you’ll see a skinny malnourished kid. And my dad’s family was really poor back in Vietnam, so he knew real hunger, and he would always tell me and my siblings to never waste food.”

L Train 2

In the program, first L. started training regularly. Then, we introduced small diet changes, and slowly reshaped L’s food beliefs. We taught him new habits so he no longer had to depend on willpower:

“One thing that stuck in my mind after the call was the thought of just doing something else rather than eating for comfort. I honestly never had that thought cross my mind. It’s something that really was an “AHA” moment. It just clicked… Like, hello? How come I never thought of this…”

He’s lost more than 35 pounds and has completely changed his body and life.

Meet other success stories

You helped me form a workout habit that’s going to get me to my dreams of learning to surf, of better horseback riding, of having adventures and feeling powerful in the pursuit. This has changed my life. Thank you!

– Paige E.

I became a gym person and am not afraid to go after things that I used to think were for “other people.”

– Justin S.

I’m not scared to lift weights ‐ especially at the squat rack doing squats, deadlifts, etc. Thank you!

– Tejas

The gym is no longer an intimidating place to go.

– Jeremy E.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to go to the gym and work out ‐ and stick with it.

– Omar U.

Gym is part of my lifestyle now, no longer means to an end.

– Els D.

I know I have what it takes to change my body. I never thought I’d be able to eat 1800 calories a day and not pick fights with everyone I met. I’m satisfied and smiling.

– Michael B.

You helped me understand that I was in control of my food, and of my habits. You gave me a script, a plan to be confident in the gym.

– Jeremy M.

You have gotten me to workout each week. I schedule workout time instead of just trying to fit it in.

– John W.

I never thought I would get rid of my obsessive cravings and time I dwelt on food. Now I have a plan, I eat the same consistent meals and I rarely think about cheating and my cravings for sugar are almost nonexistent. Thank you, I never thought this would happen.

– Krista B.

Before I thought I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life and never see 200’s again, and now I know it’s possible and attainable!

– Gustavo D.

The Program

While the program is proprietary, here’s a quick glance at the work that went into developing the curriculum:

  • 2. Years spent on research and development
  • 48. Number of customer calls I led throughout the process
  • 120. Students we helped lose weight and transform their bodies
  • 17. Live webinars hosted to teach students new fitness material
  • 460. Responses analyzed from extensive surveying