How 16-year-olds use social media

How My 16-Year-Old Cousins Use Instagram

I have a ton of younger cousins and second-cousins (which is what happens when your mom is #7 of 7 children and your dad is #4 of 4). We were talking about how they used social media, and how completely different it was from how I (and my peers) use it. (Mary Choi takes an amazing in-depth look teen behavior on social media here.) Here are my notes on how they use social media: 1. “I don’t have Facebook.” She never got into it. And if she’s not into it, that tells me her friends probably aren’t on there either.
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Biz Dev on Instagram with Gary Vaynerchuk

How to Biz Dev Through Instagram’s Direct Messages with Gary Vaynerchuk – My notes

I love crunchy, tactical how-to articles. We know we SHOULD: Network more Ask for a raise Build our brand Fine… show me “how” to do it. (It’s no wonder I’ve spent 3 years working with Ramit Sethi, who is one of the masters of teaching people the “how.”) So when Gary Vaynerchuk walked through how to do business development on Instagram, I broke down the examples (“the how”) and the principles (“the why”). Then I posted it below. (You can listen to the whole audio here.) Here we go: How to Biz Dev Through Instagram Direct Message Example 1 –
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