How to Position Your Expertise in Online Education: The “Us vs. Them” Technique)

  I was talking to Brian Balfour about retention and engagement, and asked him this question: “Should you try to retain people at the onboarding phase, or try to resurrect people who have churned and are now dormant?” You see, I’ve heard arguments for both sides, but when I told Brian this, here’s his response: Later he explained: “A non-practitioner will make all sorts of arguments as to why it’s better to resurrect churned users (they’re already exposed, it’s cheaper, it’s a large audience, etc.). But a practitioner knows from experience it’s always more valuable to focus on new or
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I Will Teach Team Pic

Thank you, I Will Teach You to be Rich

  5 years ago, I was waiting tables at a Thai restaurant (thanks for the reminder, Facebook). To be honest, it was a low-point: I lost 20lbs on my diet of peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and wonton soup for dinner. I made $35 in tips during my shifts. Everything in my life felt like… you remember that B-movie with Matthew Mcconaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, Failure to Launch? Basically, that. In an act of desperation and tapping into my savings, I bought an online course from this blogger named Ramit Sethi. It was called Find Your Dream Job, and
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