Workcation Part 2

Workcation Part 2: March 2017 Session

(If you’re wondering, I didn’t write up Part 1 so you didn’t miss anything.) Brian and I came up with our Workcation Idea while driving back from the Poconos one weekend: What if every 2 months, we booked a weekend someplace without Internet and cranked out a bunch of work? No (or at least, limited) Internet. No distractions. Just work for the weekend. Brian wanted to work on a screenplay. I wanted to work on my online business,, and articles and scripts I’m writing for I WIll Teach and GrowthLab.   It seemed like an awesome idea so we
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My Morning Routine

For the last few months, my creative output has been in a rut. I didn’t understand how or why. I don’t attribute it to “writer’s block.” (The idea of “writer’s block is stupid. Typing the words is cringe worthy.) The problem, I realized, was how I batched my work. My Old Morning Routine Wake at 6 a.m. By 6:30 a.m., I’d sit to write (having washed up and eaten first.) I’d squeeze in 60 minutes of work before getting ready for my bike commute to work. A quarter of that time I spent “ramping up” so actual production lasted 45
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