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2 Things About SF Tech Culture

  Last week I learned some interesting things about SF tech culture. For example: Investing in cryptocurrencies is a thing People invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars in “coffee set-ups” — home coffee brewing equipment to make their own personal perfect cup of coffee Everyone loves wearing Patagonia But the biggest mental shifts I’ve had to make is about money. Here are 2 ideas about money I’m trying to hold simultaneously in my mind:
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What I’m Reading: 9/5/2013

These are highlights of what I read (and watched and listened to) this past week: I’ve made an effort to read deeper, instead of just hopping around my Feedly account like a one-footed jackrabbit. It takes a lot longer, and you can’t just skim the headlines, but deep reading provides clarity to complex situations, beyond the ability to regurgitate the facts. For example, on the general topic of “Is Silicon Really Changing the World?” I read, in this order: Why Draper University Won’t Work (But Could) | Study Hacks Startup Culture’s Lack Of Diversity Stifles Innovation | Fast Company |
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