Listening to: Jenny Blake Interview

I’m listening to David Siteman Garland’s interview with Jenny Blake of Life After College, on The Rise to the Top. I finished the interview yesterday, on my way home after my first visit to SoHo house. Which, by the way, I had zero idea on how to find the entrance to. #FirstWorldProblems.

The two major discussion points I found really interesting were:

1. The process of product development, from book deal to course creation.

2. Transition of a brand, as Jenny shifts her focus away from Life After College and into the next iteration of the Jenny Blake brand.

Full write up to come. In the meantime, here’s the link to watch (or if you’re a badass mofo like me, you can download the audio so you can listen while you get your swell on, and get ripped).*

*(There is zero correlation between listening to this podcast and getting ripped. Unless it’s a reverse correlation.)

Photo Credit: Swong95765

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  1. Hi Chris! Just wanted to say thanks so much for listening to the interview 🙂 And awesome that you recently went to SoHo house! It’s a cool spot — very NYC, and yes — very hard to find the door 🙂

  2. Ming

    Hi Jenny, you were wonderful in the interview! Thank you for being a joy to listen to. I was at the SoHo House in LA… sounds like an obscure entrance is a quality they all share.

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