What Makes Me Valuable

To others?

If I did this task better, how will it affect my career five years from now?

How will it make me more valuable five years from now?

I think it’s important to step back and ask ourselves that on occasion.

  1. If I schedule all these lunches today, will it make more valuable to others?
  2. If I send out all these rejection letters?
  3. If I mail out all these check letters?
  4. If I connect every call that comes through?
  5. If I indiscriminately do drinks five nights a week?
  6. If I book this travel?
  7. If I move widget A into the arms of mechanical turk B?

If you’re asked to do these things, you can’t not do them, of course.

The widgets still need to move. It’s one of the reasons why you were hired.

But it’s not the only reason, right?

Recognize the difference between creating value and pushing (electronic) paper.

Which one builds a skill?

Which one makes you more valuable to others?

Then, prioritize accordingly. By what creates value…

Not what comes easier. Nor by what you do more effectively.

Photo Credit: Liam Matthews

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